About ADVICS corporate profile


Since ADVICS was founded in 2001, we have pursued safety, environmental performance and comfort on the pretext of delivering the best quality possible, and striven to create new values through the products we make as part of our commitment to a better way of life for all.

Amidst the growing diversification and increasing functional sophistication of vehicles today, we are working to deliver safety and security to customers around the world, by expanding our technological domains around a core of braking systems and proactively developing new technologies aimed at improving safety performance (e.g., active safety and advanced driving assistance systems) and environmental performance (e.g., regenerative brakes).

We will contribute to the society at every level through business operations and will advance toward the aim to become a corporate group that people all over the world can relate to and trust.

We sincerely hope for your support in the future.

President  Tetsuya Otake