CSR Corporate Social Responsibility
Contribution to Society

Contribution to Society


We have hosted the annual ADVICS Cup at the ADVICS Tokoro Curling Hall in Kitami City, Hokkaido from fiscal 2014. We support the popularization of curling as well as the development of Hokkaido and Kitami City, where we operate the cold climate testing and total of 3,500 employees visit every year.


All AISIN NPO Activities Support Fund

The All AISIN NPO Activities Support Fund was established with the objective of supporting volunteerism with a high degree of public interest that meets the needs of local communities for the development of an affluent society. AISIN Group companies, including ADVICS, present the donations and proceeds of the All AISIN Charity Concert every year to local NPO groups.

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Hands-on manufacturing program in Thailand

ADVICS is contributing to both youth and regional development in Thailand by providing trade school students with opportunities to experience what manufacturing is about.

Participating students

Donation of books and digital equipment to a school in Indonesia

ADVICS donated books and digital equipment to the elementary school of a farming village in Indonesia, to contribute to creating an environment where children can enjoy learning.


Donation and materials support in USA

Through the charitable organization "United Way", our three companies in USA provide donations and supply materials to volunteer organizers.

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