CSR Corporate Social Responsibility
Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy

Environmental Declaration

Through the development, production and sales of reliable automobile brake products, ADVICS conducts its business activities with the mission of contributing to the development of a safer and more comfortable automobile society. To that end, all ADVICS Group employees shall promote harmony between the environment and people for a better environment by solving various environmental and social challenges.

Action Guidelines

  • Not only comply with international standards and individual countries’ laws and regulations, but also follow our voluntary standards to prevent pollution.
  • Promote the development and production of earth-friendly technologies and products, with the life cycles taken into consideration.
  • Make efforts to reduce greenhouse gases in all business activities by using clean energy, etc. to realize a carbon-free society.
  • Minimize resource utilization and disposal through efficient use of water, positive procurement of less environmental impact materials, and reuse of waste materials.
  • Promote biodiversity and ecosystem conservation by conducting environmental conservation activities.
  • Continuously improve the environmental management system and reduce environmental impact in order to prevent pollution.
  • Sincerely respond to environmental requests from stakeholders, while working in cooperation with each other among the group members.
  • Invest the appropriate amount of management resources in technological innovation, facility improvement, and enhancement of environmental education and training to increase environmental awareness and enlightenment.

We will make this policy known to all employees, challenge high goals, and proactively disclose the achievements.

April 6, 2021
Chief Environmental Management Officer
Executive Vice President Shinji Mio