CSR Corporate Social Responsibility
Promoting Activities of ESC

Promoting Activities of ESC

ESC has significant preventative and safety effects. Demonstration data proved that ESC can reduce single accidents by *44%. ADVICS accordingly established the ESC Dissemination Committee with the Bosch Corporation and Continental Automotive Corporation to promote awareness and dissemination of ESC. The results of such activities have promoted mandatory ESC in many countries in the world, while the gradual introduction of mandatory ESC has been implemented in Japan since 2012. All passenger cars that receive a type approval on and after February 24, 2018 are required to equip with ESC.

* Source: "What is the value of ESC?" The website of the Institute for Traffic Accident Research and Data Analysis (ITARDA)

Uniformity of address terms

As automobile manufacturer use their own terms for ESC, such as VSC and ESP, users are confused and this may cause non-dissemination of the activities.Therefore, we have proposed the uniformity of "ESC" and we are promoting "ESC" to automobile related organizations and to mass communication.

Address terms of each automobile manufacture
AUDI ESP(Electronic Stabilization Program )
SUZUKI ESP(Electronic Stability Program )
SUBARU VDC(Vehicle Dynamics Control )
DAIHATSU VSC(Vehicle Stability Control )
DAIMLER CHRYSLER ESP(Electronic Stability Program )
TOYOTA VSC(Vehicle Stability Control)
NISSAN VDC(Vehicle Dynamic Control)
Address terms of each automobile manufacture
BMW DSC(Dynamic Stability Control )
ESP(Electronic Stability Program )
Ford DSC(Dynamic Stability Control )
Volkswagen ESP(Electronic Stabilization Program )
HONDA VSA(Vehicle Stability Assist )
MATSUDA DSC(Dynamic Stability Control)
MITUBISHI ASC(Active Stability Conrol)

* order of the Japanese syllabary

Expansion of public acknowledgement

In order for people to understand the effect of ESC, ADVICS has opened exhibitions at events, test- ride events for mass communication activities and is cooperating with the media.

holding a test-ride event
to experience ESC
particicipation in the event
related to traffic safety