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Safety Technology

Safety Technology

Realization of Zero traffic fatalities by use of technology

Safety technology in automobiles is categorized as active safety, that minimize injury when an accident happens and passive safety, that prevent accidents from happening. The former represented by Seat belt and air bag, and the latter represented by ABS and ESC.
In order to produce cars which may not cause accidents and in order to avoid danger, we created the forefront of active safety technology not only by using brake technology for "stopping", but also using "driving" and " turning" technology


This device secures stability and handling of the vehicle on slippery roads or when the driver applies the brakes.

revents wheels from locking and shortens stopping distances, even on slippery road surfaces.

Brake Assist

This device assists driver's braking operation when a driver suddenly applies the brakes.

Increases braking output in emergencies to assist driver performance.


This devise controls sideslipping of the vehicle when the driver handles the vehicle abruptly or drives the vehicle on a slippery road.

Ensures vehicle stability by automatically controlling brakes and the engine system when sensors detect vehicle instability during cornering.