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ABS modulator

Achieves the top level for both size / weght reduction and quietness

  • Adoption of newly developed valve and motor, and simplification of fluid passage.
  • Achieves world top-level in small size & light weight.
  • Achieves impressive quietness by using precise valve and motor control.

ESC modulator

Achieves world top-level in small size & light weight

  • World top-level modulator in size & weight realized by optimization and consolidation of its design.
  • Improved function enhancement by reducing the operating noise and vibration of piston pump / control valve.

High-performance ESC modulator

Realizes various control functions with impressive quietness

  • Impressive quietness is achieved by using the gear pump and the precise valve control.
  • Realizes various control functions; Regenerative brake system, ACC, etc.

Hydraulic booster with built-in ESC

Improves the brake performance and expands the function by higher output and quicker response

  • Improves stopping performance and provide stiffer pedal feel by higher output capability.
  • Achieves a quick response by using high pressure accumulator.
  • Expands the function by utilizing quicker response.