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Brake booster & Master cylinder

Down sizing and weight saving by simple suructure

  • Improves the brake feel by quicker response and better brake fluid flow.
  • Achieves small in size and lighter weight by the integrated cylinder structure and the valve structure.
  • The brake assist function equipped type which supports emergency brake operation is available.

Hydraulic booster

Widely used in hybrid vehicles which has no engine vacuum

  • In place of engine vacuum, this system uses hydraulic pressure to boost the control response of the brake.
  • Higher output and quicker response.

Load sensing proportioning valve

Wide variety of products to meet all types of vehicles needs, such as passenger car, SUV and commercial vehicles

  • Adjust knee point based on the vehicle load (change of vehicle height) by using coil spring or torsion bar spring.
  • A bypass function is available for front - rear split application.