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Development / System design & Analysis

Development / System design & Analysis


Thorough development capabilities from planning and system designing to in-vehicle analysis supports the creation of more sophisticated brake systems.

ADVICS is proud of the corporate culture established to achieve the total development of brake systems, from early preliminary designs to final comprehensive in-vehicle validation tests. Our R&D facilities, which are unique for a supplier specializing in brakes, are set up to address any development issue through a wide range of performance tests and in-vehicle calibration studies. The facilities are capable of simulating and analyzing brake noise and vibration, vehicle dynamics, and durability assessments, to guarantee brake systems with better performance and quality.

System design & Analysis

"Highly advanced safety performance from system designing to analysis" is the theme of ADVICS.

ADVICS boasts that its R&D capabilities address any issue in the development of braking systems. We continue to improve the brake system to guarantee a superb level of safety.

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Vehicle simulation
Vibration test
Chassis dynamometer
3D microscope
Rotor graphite structure analysis
X-ray analysis
3D lasar holography