CSR Corporate Social Responsibility
Quality Policy

Quality Policy

Based the principle of “Quality First”, with philosophy of "For society and our customers" ,ADVICS strives to build a more plentiful society by providing superior products.

  1. In pursuit of improved “safety”, “environment” and “comfort”, ADVICS provides advanced braking systems to satisfy and excite our customers.
  2. Based on our quality management system, we are devoted to performing quality assurance activities with the goal of creating the number one brake systems in the world.
  3. Coordinating with our vision and long-term objectives, we define our annual plan, conduct continuous improvement, and periodically revise our management systems in order to accomplish our objectives.
  4. We act responsibly and in accordance with the AISIN Group corporate charter. In addition, we meet international standards and observe laws and regulations
  5. We work closely with the government, our clients, regional communities, our suppliers, and our employees. Our business offices inside and outside Japan work together to streamline administration.
  6. We are committed to observing and considering things from many perspectives and we continue to make improvements.
  7. We invest management resources appropriately and attempt to innovate our technologies, enhance our facilities, conduct training/drills and elevate/enlighten awareness.

We take steps to share this policy with every employee working at ADVICS. In all of our business offices throughout the world, we set high goals and actively communicate this policy.

April 1, 2020
Senior Managing Officer Toru Fujita